About CCC Power
CCC Power is an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of power
distribution, power conversion and process control equipment, serving the
industrial, military and commercial markets.  Our in depth knowledge and hands
on experience in power electronic, power distribution and process control
design, provides our customer with innovative, and cost effective design

concepts, that can meet their wide range of control and distribution applications.

CCC Power utilizes the latest in market technology including PLC control, HMI

Touch Screens, Electronic Monitoring, Internet communication including Wireless
Communication, Mechanical & Solid State power switching, Motor Control and Variable Frequency Drives (VFD), to serve a variety of complex customer requirements.  Our innovative packaging provides equipment in cost effective, size-reduced configurations, to meet the customer's budget and installation dimensional, and environmental specifications.

CCC Power provides engineering and design capabilities, that utilize CAD created drawings, power simulation, prototype testing and system power calculations, to offer turn key system design & engineering, from concept to finished product and/or process control.  Our 35 years of hands on experience, opens the door to creative solutions for even the most complex application, with time proven design execution and product.
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