Ship Board Power Distribution

CCC Power designs and manufactures Mil STD ship board switchgear meeting NAVSEA specification for shock and vibration.  All shipboard switchgear is fabricated from aluminum structure and sheeting, with certified weld design, power bus configuration and bus bracing to meet NAVSEA Mil-DTL-16036l.  We have designed and manufactured customized add on switchgear sections for existing ship switchgear to meet mounting requirements and dimensional restraints of the existing ship electrical room.  CCC Power also designs and manufactures shipboard generator control and shore power sychronization panels for seamless transfer of power from one generator to another or to the shore power connection.

400Hz Power Distrubution

CCC Power provides 400Hz distribution equipment for both the commercial and military markets.  This equipment ranges from a central systems utilizing single point distribution panels with or without line drop compensation, single service points in maintenance hangars or as a gate box on boarding bridges with or without line drop compensation.  We provide custom distribution equipment for flightline low profile design or in combination with aircraft cable storage devices.  CCC Power manufactures aircraft cable storage equipment from single free standing cable rack to automated cable retrievers and flightline pentagram cable deployment and storage systems.  For commercial airports utilizing aircraft power cables on the boarding bridges, CCC Power manufactures aircraft cable hoists to lift the cable off the tarmac and store it in free air.

Through strategic partnerships, CCC Power can provide complete 400Hz systems utilizing solid state or rotary frequency converters along with our wide range of distribution equipment to provide the customer with turn key installation and single point of contact and responsibility.

With years of experience in 400Hz distribution,  CCC Power provides pre bid engineering services for site specification developement and layout.  We also offer 400Hz distribution cable line loss calculations for multiple outlet systems, along with design of custom packaging for special environmental or equipment mounting applications.

60Hz & 50Hz Distribution Control

Similar to the 400Hz equipment, CCC power, builds distribution and control equipment for the 60Hz & 50Hz markets.  This equipment can range from large  medium voltage equipment to simple isolation switches.  For motor control applications we can provide stand alone motor starters utilizing electrical/mechanical, solid state, vacuum contactors, variable frequency drives (VFD) and electronic soft start controllers.  The motor contorl devices can be supplied in Motor Control Centers (MCC) for multiple motor and system control.  Where required the MCC can be fitted with programmable logic controllers (PLC) for complete system control and monitoring. The power systems can also be configured to be portable, allowing the end user to move the power distribution to different locations,  All power distribution ewuipment and motor control can be designed to meeet any environmental or packaging requirement, meeting a wide range of customer applications.

Ship to Shore Power

CCC Power provides fixed and portable ship to shore power distribution equipment for the military and commercial ship industry.  The equipment is designed for Mil STD shore power receptacles or standard CamLock industrial receptacles and cable assemblies.  Along with our parent company CCCoA we provide custom power cables built to the customers specifications.  Through strategic partnerships CCC Power can design and manufacturer shore power conversion systems for 60Hz to 50Hz or 50Hz to 60Hz conversion, with appropriate swithchgear providing shore power for overseas projects or foreign vesseles visiting the North American ports.
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